Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Which call centers in India are good to hire for a startup?

 There are many call centers that can be good for startups but it is hard to be sure unless you work with them. I have already worked with Vcarecorporation in the past and their work has been outstanding. They are right up there with some of the pioneers in the industry like Convergys. The only difference is that they are more approachable if you are a startup.

They have cost-competitive prices for their services, which range from customer care to tech support to telemarketing. They have clients covered on all fronts, be it security of data or accurate reporting. As a past client, I find them the most suitable for new startups that are only just beginning to grow. I recommend that you choose Vcare if you have a need for anything over 10-seater call center. But you can always reach out and check with them about what they can handle.

One another thing, Vcare also has very good software expertise. So, it is very easy to do what other big companies are doing at a fraction of the cost. You can personalize IVR messages, leverage analytics and add self-care as part of the whole customer experience. All in all, they provide the best bang for the bucks and that is exactly what a startup needs.

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Outsource Call Center Services to Access Unforeseen Advantages

 Outsourcing is a popular business tool. Most entrepreneurs have different opinions about it. Some like it, and others bash it. But those who are not interested in outsourcing often do not take the plunge because they have simply no knowledge of some of the advantages it offers. If you can find the right sort of call center outsourcing companies, you can access unforeseen advantages that can change the way you do business.

outsource call center services

Outsource Call Center Services to unlock Never Seen Before Benefits

As mentioned before, you can outsource call center services for unforeseen and sometimes unimaginable benefits. Have a look at some of these advantages:

Neutral English for Global Audience

‘Will an international call center agent be understood by my local customers?’

It is a question that plagues the mind of countless entrepreneurs. This is a valid concern, because there are some start up call centers that simply do not have the resources to carry the burden of an elaborate international call center operation. However, you can actually make a better impact with neutral-English speaking international call centers than your local centers. It is particularly true for international call centers that speak to a global audience. Top-notch international call center companies like Vcare Corporation have call center reps that are well-trained in neutral accent. This allows them to perform better than your regional reps in an international call center process.

Access to Elusive Expensive Call Center Software

There are many call center outsourcing companies that shy away from buying expensive call center software. But when you outsourcecall center services to a top vendor, you get the best call center software. This happens because a successful call center company can cover the cost of the software through its work for its large clientele. The same might not be true for a new and moderately successful vendor.                         

Single Vendor for Multiple Tasks

As your confidence grows in one of your vendors, you can recruit it for multiple other call center and back office services. Such a multi-point call center outsourcing venture allows you to focus more on your core operations and worry less about your side operations.

Desired Scalability to Meet Requirements of Festive Season

Most top vendors have an abundance of resources that can be allocated to different processes. Therefore, when your call volume hits its peak, you are able to find the required resources for addressing your customers’ requests.

Vcare Corporation is a seasoned pro in the industry with the confidence of multiple successful call center projects under its belt. It runs its call center services 24×7.

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Improvise to Meet Demands on the Fly with Call Center Services in USA


The demand of modern-day customers is always changing. A call center company needs to be on its toes to meet any growing requirement. Therefore, it has become vital to constantly change platforms, networking equipment and timely upgrade call center software. The call center services in USA are truly next-gen and provide you the best options to meet future requirements.

call center services in USA

Why Outsource?

Although you can execute a solid in-house strategy for customer support, it can put you under undue stress. Outsourcing takes care of this burden and allows you to grow effortlessly without worrying about side operations.

Another advantage is the near elimination of capital expense. Even the operational expense is fixed into a subscription-based fee to the vendor. In short, you are able to convert a fully-functional department into a vendor partnership that looks after its entire scope. 

Last but not the least, the expertise of a seasoned pro is unequivocal. If you really want to go to the next level with your customer support, you need timely strategic inputs that only an expert can provide.

Outsourced Call Centers India or USA

Top call center companies in India and the USA have the right experience and expertise to take on call center projects of the future. Nowadays, call centers can help you provide that special touch in your business that is not achievable via online and advertisement campaigns.

Good work is your best advertisement and a call center is another way to show that you believe in good work and customer satisfaction.

Cisco Based Call Centers for Excellent Support

When you have the technology sorted out, you are in a better position to address the needs of your customers. Cisco Based Call Centers are terrific in this regard because they are based on a working model that has already served many businesses in the past, that too consistently and successfully.

Whether it is computer telephony integration or call quality or network routing, Cisco-base solutions have withstood the test of time.

Along with your software platform such as CRM and IVR, you need to keep on upgrading the VoIP phones, network infrastructure etc., so as to maintain a desirable level of quality throughout. You don’t want to fall into a situation where your competitors are clearly one step ahead of you. It might impact your business in the wrong way.

At Vcare Corporation, we are committed to quality and always provide our services consistently.


Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Give a Lift to Your Business Prospect with Solid Call Center Outsourcing Services


Many companies use outsourcing call center  with the single aim of reducing cost, and nothing else. Although they might not say it upfront, but they only consider a call center to be an essential requirement not something that can make a difference. This approach can be a major blunder.

outsourcing call center

Consistency is the Key for Outsourcing Call Center Progress

Building up customer expectations is a very difficult task for brand. But when you are able to achieve that with your product/service, a bad call center can undo it in a matter of few calls.

You need solid outsourcing call center services that maintain ‘very good’ performance over a long term. When customers know they have reliable people to reach out to, they ultimately start spending money on your brand.

Once again, you need to be consistent to earn their trust. Complementing voice support with email support outsourcing is another good way to build image and lift your brand’s esteem in customers’ eyes.

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Everyone talks about a good contingency plan, but very few have it. Especially when it comes to call center services, there is rarely any entrepreneur who goes above and beyond to safeguard his customer-facing image. But times of crisis like the Covid-19 outbreak has shown us the value of call center support outsourcing.
How Specialist Call Center Support Outsourcing Can Help?
When there is a crisis-like situation, you are unable to maintain the consistency of work because of an unavailability of workforce. But when you outsource call center services to a specialist, it becomes a much better alternative in the longer run. Have a look at some reasons why:
·         Access to experienced agents who are so well drilled in their responsibilities that they can maintain high standards of work even from home
·         Availability of cloud-based infrastructure to provide a stable platform for call center support from home
·         Rigorous monitoring of DPA and SLA to ensure security and due diligence in daily work
In some cases, experienced call center services veterans even have in-house call center software development and customization capabilities. This means that if there is any technical issue or customization required, you do not have to go elsewhere.
Key Virtues of Call Center Support Outsourcing Vendors
If you want to stabilize your customer-facing operations, then you need the services of call center support outsourcing vendors that are well-prepared to meet your every requirement. Have a look at some of their important attributes/virtues:
Vertical scalability
In a call center operation, you can have a flood of new calls that can be very difficult to handle in the time of crisis. So, you need a workforce that can be increased at any time you want.  A scalable partner can become a worthy asset for your business – in the present and in the future. Above all, it can help you stay relevant when your competitors are falling apart due to crisis.
Contingency for in-house support
If you run a mixed call center operation i.e. some percentage of in-house employees and some offshore employees, you give yourself the best chance to get out of a tough situation. Even if there is a problem in your part of the world, you can get the work done from the other part of the world. Although the scale and level of work will be compromised to some level, but you would still be able to do better than your competitors.
Removes burden off your shoulders
The person who actually cares for your business is not your hired employees but ‘you’. When there is a crisis situation, you need to make several critical decisions and at the right time. In such scenarios, you cannot be encumbered with multiple other tasks like running an inbound or outbound call center, or administering back office support services. You require a free mind and that is only possible if you outsource call center and other ITES work to a competent vendor like Vcare.
Zeal to work hard for clients
While every vendor says that they have the zeal to succeed for their clients, the one who actually care are very few. When things go wrong, you need a partner that you can rely on completely. Have a look at the portfolio of your vendor to see its consistency. At Vcare, we let our work speak for our brand, as it is evident from the long line of successful projects that we have delivered year after year.
Vcare is one of the most reputed call center services company in the world. It has a proven track record and can provide support to your customers 24x7x365.

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

The Need to Choose Cisco Based Call Centers for 2021 Customer Care

 The quality standards required for a call center operation to remain successful in today’s time are always rising. It is important to provide top-class support to your customers, if you want to stay in their good books. Network connectivity is an important aspect of a Vcarec call center process. Flawless connection is required to maintain good quality communication between customers and the agents. Therefore, high-quality networking infrastructure like Cisco Based Call Centers are needed for world-class call center operations.

cisco based call centers

The Benefits of Outsource Call Center Services to Cisco Call Centers

There can be numerous advantages of using cisco based call centers for providing outsource call center services:

·         Better voice quality in calls

·         Improve call and telephony integration with CTI

·         Better call routing

·         Very few call disconnections

Due to the numerous advantages provided by cisco call centers, your agents are able to build better bonds with customers and maximize satisfaction.

Outsourcing call center service New Jersey is the best option to leverage cisco based call center solutions. At one of the best New Jersey call centers in Vcare Corporation, you get a partner that understands your every need and works to your advantage. It has all the necessary hardware and software resources to make your customers happy and completely satisfied.

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Make a Difference in Your Business with Outsourced Call Centers India

 Planning long-term for a business is very important in the competitive world of today. Short-term planning and decisions might give you an instant edge, but won’t actually take your business anywhere. Like in the case of call center outsourcing, you have to strive for long-term stability over immediate gains. And in this day and age, there is nothing better than outsourced call centers India when it comes to choosing a long-term partner for business success.

Why Call Center Outsourcing India?

There are countless arguments that can be made for why a particular vendor is better than another. But when it really come down to it – cost, consistency and care – are all what matter the most. Running a call center with the sole purpose of making a profit can actually get you in trouble. It is all about finding the right balance between the three virtues, and call center outsourcing India has just the right mix. Below are some compelling reasons why call centers in India should be your automatic choice:

Never-ending supply of call center talent

With a population of well over 1 billion, India has no dearth of people. And when it comes to call center hubs like Delhi NCR, Bangalore and Pune, there are millions of job applicants. Therefore, the call center services company India have the option to choose from the cream of the crop. Also, as they are supplied by a never-ending talent pool, they can recruit agents quite easily whenever there is a new requirement. So, there is no lack of scalability, if you choose India as your destination for outsourcing.

Politically stable country

Countries like Philippines and China, which are in direct competition with India are nowhere near as stable. India has a strong democratic government that is well-supported by the people. Also, the urban areas where call centers are located have no known history of frequent natural disasters. So, when you use outsourced call centers India, you do not have to constantly check what’s happening in the country. If you have never outsourced before, then you would not know how critical this aspect can be in an outsourcing venture. Renowned companies across the globe prefer India because they have confidence in its stability.

Lower value of currency when compared to the developed world

Whether it is the US, Europe or Australia, the currency value in developed countries is higher when compared to India. So, if you are in any of these regions, selecting India should be a no-brainer. There is a possibility for you to bring down your call center expense by up to 2-4 times quite easily by choosing call center outsourcing India.

Ideal talent for call center industry

Indians are mostly polite and this is an essential trait for the call center industry, especially inbound call center services like customer care and tech support. And, when we talk about tech support, India has one of the highest number of engineers passing every year from the colleges. So, the talent you get here is naturally the best for running your call center operation. 

World-class call center infrastructure

India might not be one of the richest countries in the world, but it definitely has some of the finest call center infrastructure in the world. From buildings to software to networking equipment, you will find many companies that are more than prepared to handle your business from the get-go.

Vcare is a call center services company India with tremendous prestige around the globe. It has a portfolio of many eminent clients and has delivered successful projects time and again.